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Deck and Patio Construction Essential Checklists

Navigate your deck and patio construction project with our comprehensive checklists, designed to assist you through every stage, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience from concept to completion.

Step 1 Planning Your Deck or Patio

How Do I Start Planning My Deck or Patio Construction?

Initiating your deck or patio construction begins with careful preparation. Here’s your guide to getting started.

Determining Purpose and Use
Clarify your main objectives for the new space—whether it’s for dining outdoors, which will influence design and material choices.
Budgeting Considerations
Create a realistic budget, anticipating unexpected costs.
Design Inspiration and Research
Gather ideas from home improvement magazines, focusing on materials that resonate with your vision.
Site Evaluation
Assess the proposed construction area to identify potential challenges, such as grading, that could affect the project.
Project Timeline
Estimate a realistic timeline for the project, considering weather conditions, material delivery times, and contractor availability.
Material Selection
Select materials that fit your budget, from natural wood to composite decking.
Features and Amenities
Consider adding features like built-in seating, fire pits, or outdoor kitchens, which enhance functionality and enjoyment.
Permits and Regulations
Investigate local building codes to ensure your project complies with zoning laws, avoiding future issues or fines.
Contractor Selection Criteria
Outline your criteria for selecting a contractor, focusing on reputation in deck or patio construction.
Initial Consultations
Schedule consultations with potential contractors to get estimates, and gauge their fit with your project.

Step 2 Securing the Best Contractor for Your Deck or Patio

How Can I Find and Hire the Best Contractor for My Deck or Patio Project?

The success of your deck or patio project largely depends on the contractor you choose. Follow these steps to ensure you select the most qualified professional.

Gathering Recommendations
Ask friends and online community forums for recommendations of contractors known for good communication.
Verifying Credentials
Ensure any contractor you consider is properly certified, offering protection against liability.
Evaluating Previous Work
Review the contractor’s portfolio or visit past projects to assess their style compatibility.
Checking Reviews and References
Read customer testimonials and contact references to understand their working style.
Analyzing Bids
Compare bids from multiple contractors, looking beyond price to consider warranty offers.
Communication and Professionalism
Select a contractor who communicates clearly and professionally, indicating a smooth project flow and collaboration.
Contract Review
Carefully review the contract for payment schedules, understanding all terms before signing.
Scheduling Alignment
Confirm the contractor’s availability aligns with your desired timeline, ensuring they can start and complete the work as planned.
Handling Changes
Discuss how changes to the project scope or unexpected challenges will be communicated.
Confirming the Engagement
Once satisfied with a contractor’s credentials, communication, and bid, proceed to hire to start your deck or patio project.

Step 3 Pre-construction Steps for Deck and Patio Projects

What Should I Do to Prepare for the Construction of My Deck or Patio?

Before breaking ground on your deck or patio, completing these pre-construction tasks can help ensure a efficient process.

Finalizing Design and Materials
Review and finalize all design plans and material selections with your contractor to avoid delays once construction begins.
Securing Permits
Ensure all necessary permits are in place to comply with local regulations, facilitated by your contractor or through personal application.
Preparing the Site
Clear the construction area of any obstacles or debris and mark the layout according to the design plan.
Temporary Arrangements
Make any necessary temporary arrangements, such as setting up alternative outdoor spaces, during construction.
Material Delivery Coordination
Arrange for the timely delivery of materials, ensuring they arrive before construction begins to prevent any delays.
Neighbor Notification
Inform neighbors about the upcoming construction to prevent complaints regarding noise or temporary disruptions.
Review Safety Measures
Discuss and confirm safety measures and protocols with your contractor to protect both the work crew and your family during construction.
Utility Checks
Confirm with your contractor that all necessary utility checks (e.g., for underground lines) have been completed before work begins.
Pre-construction Meeting
Hold a pre-construction meeting with your contractor to review the project plan, timeline, and communication expectations.
Construction Access
Ensure there is clear access for construction equipment and workers to the site, potentially coordinating with neighbors or local authorities for any required permissions.

Step 4 Wrapping Up Your Deck or Patio Project

How Do I Conclude My Deck or Patio Construction Project?

After the construction of your deck or patio is completed, these final steps will help you to wrap up the project efficiently and start enjoying your new outdoor space.

Final Inspection and Walkthrough
Conduct a final inspection with your contractor to ensure all work is completed to your satisfaction and address any final tweaks or corrections.
Securing Warranty Information
Collect all warranty information for materials and workmanship, keeping them in a safe place for future reference.
Maintenance Guidelines
Review maintenance and care instructions for your new deck or patio with your contractor to ensure longevity and preserve its beauty.
Final Payments
Complete any remaining payments according to the contract terms, ensuring all work is finalized before doing so.
Review and Feedback
Provide feedback or a review of your contractor’s work to help others in their selection process and to acknowledge the work performed on your project.
Updating Home Insurance
Contact your home insurance provider to update your coverage, reflecting the added value and features of your new deck or patio.
Document Organization
Organize all project-related documents, including contracts, permits, and receipts, for easy access in the future.
Celebrate the completion of your project by hosting a gathering or simply enjoying your new deck or patio in peace.
Future Project Planning
Reflect on the process and outcome of your deck or patio project to inform any future home improvement projects you may consider.
Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Review
Consider an evaluation of your outdoor space for energy efficiency and sustainability improvements, such as solar lighting or rainwater collection systems.

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Deck and Patio Construction Cost Guide

How much does Deck and Patio Construction costs?

The 2024 Handbook to Deck & Patio Costs

Dreaming of a backyard retreat perfect for relaxing and entertaining? Decks and patios transform your outdoor space. At, we want to help you navigate your project for your project. We've surveyed leading expert advice to give you a true view of deck and patio costs in 2024.

Important Note: Costs will vary significantly based on location, materials, size, and the scope of your project. This guide is a primer – always get detailed quotes from local contractors via!

Patio vs. Deck: Which is Right for You?


  • Typically ground-level, offering a smooth transition from indoors.
  • Materials: Pavers, brick, concrete, stone offer a range of aesthetics.
  • Cost: $10 - $35+ per sq. foot depending on materials.
  • Great for dining areas, fire pits, or spaces around pools.


  • Can be ground-level or elevated, adding dimension to your yard.
  • Materials: Cedar, composite, pressure-treated wood, and even tropical hardwoods.
  • Cost: $25 - $80+ per sq. foot depending on materials and complexity.
  • Perfect for uneven terrain, creating a 'second story' feel, or maximizing views.

Typical Costs: A Cost Overview

Basic Pressure-Treated Wood Deck (10' x 10'): $2,500 - $5,000

Mid-Range Composite Deck (16' x 20'): $10,000 - $25,000

High-End Stone Patio (500 sq. ft): $15,000 - $40,000+

Elevated Deck (any material) with Stairs & Railings: Incorporates significant cost to any project, can easily double the price of a ground-level structure.

Factors That Influence Your Price Up

Size: More square footage = more materials and labor.

Material Choices: Exotic hardwoods (deck) and natural stone (patio) significantly increase costs, while concrete (patio) and pressure-treated lumber (deck) are most budget-friendly.

Complexity: Built-in features, custom shapes, and multi-levels (lighting, benches, pergolas) all add to the cost.

Location: Higher labor rates and material costs in major metropolitan areas.

Site Prep: Removing old structures, excavation, or grading will add expense.

Smart Budgeting Tips

Define Your 'Must-Haves': Prioritize what's most important to create a realistic budget.

Don't Forget the Extras: Permits, landscaping, and outdoor furniture can easily add 10-15% to the total project cost.

DIY Potential: Ground-level patios that are straightforward may be within the reach of a skilled DIY homeowner, saving on labor.

Shop Smart: Get competitive prices on materials using's marketplace.

Consider Phasing: Build in stages to distribute the financial impact.

Are Decks & Patios Good Investments?

Yes! Both enhance your home, especially if they create functional living space. According to Remodeling Magazine's 2024 Cost vs. Value Report:

  • Wood Deck Addition: Retrieve around 70-75% of cost at resale
  • Patio (Concrete): Potential 50-65% value returned – Your Outdoor Remodeling Partner

  • Find Vetted Pros: Browse our network of deck and patio specialists.
  • Compare Quotes: Make sure you're getting fair pricing.
  • Source Materials: Explore options and find competitive prices in our marketplace.

Disclaimer: This guide offers estimated costs only. Always get multiple detailed, written quotes from licensed contractors for a genuine assessment of your project costs.

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What's the difference between deck and patio?

The main difference between a deck and a patio lies in their construction and elevation. A deck is an outdoor wood or composite structure that is elevated above the ground and typically attached to a house, while a patio is a flat, paved surface made of materials like concrete, brick, or stone that is constructed directly on the ground level.

  • Decks are typically made of wood or composite materials and require a foundation, posts, and railings. They are raised structures that provide a more seamless transition from the house.
  • Patios are ground-level outdoor living spaces made of various hard surfaces like concrete, pavers, or flagstone. They are often more integrated with the surrounding landscape.
While decks are generally more expensive to build due to the materials and labor involved, patios can be more affordable but may require additional landscaping or hardscaping work. Both provide outdoor living spaces, but their construction methods, materials, and overall aesthetics differ.

Is it cheaper to deck or patio?

In general, patios tend to be less expensive to construct than decks. The primary reason for this cost difference is the materials and labor involved in the construction process.

  • Decks require a more complex building process, including a foundation, framing, railings, and stairs. Additionally, the materials for decks, such as wood or composite boards, can be more expensive than paving materials for patios.
  • Patios, on the other hand, are built directly on the ground, typically using materials like concrete, pavers, or flagstone. The construction process is generally more straightforward, requiring less labor and specialized skills.
However, the cost difference between decks and patios can vary based on factors such as the size of the project, the materials chosen, and any additional features or amenities desired. It's essential to consider your specific needs, budget, and long-term maintenance requirements when deciding between a deck or patio for your outdoor living space.

How much does it cost to build a deck patio?

The cost of building a deck or patio may differ significantly depending on several factors, including the size, materials, design complexity, and location. On average, the cost ranges are as follows:

  • Deck costs:
    • Basic wood deck: $15 to $25 per square foot
    • Composite or high-end wood deck: $30 to $60 per square foot
  • Patio costs:
    • Concrete patio: $8 to $15 per square foot
    • Paver patio: $10 to $25 per square foot
    • Flagstone or natural stone patio: $15 to $30 per square foot
Additional factors that may influence the cost include site preparation, landscaping, built-in features (like outdoor kitchens or fire pits), and the need for permits or professional design services. It's essential to work with experienced deck and patio contractors to get accurate cost estimates based on your specific project requirements and location.

Deck vs patio: Which is better?

Choosing between a deck or a patio for your outdoor living space ultimately depends on your personal preferences, lifestyle, and specific needs. Both options offer distinct advantages and may be better suited for different situations.

  • Decks are often preferred for:
    • Providing an elevated outdoor space with a more seamless transition from the house
    • Offering a better view or maximizing privacy in certain locations
    • Accommodating multi-level designs or following sloped terrain
  • Patios are often preferred for:
    • Lower initial construction costs and easier maintenance
    • Integration with landscaping and gardens for a more cohesive outdoor living space
    • Accommodating larger gatherings or outdoor entertaining areas
Additionally, factors such as climate, drainage considerations, and personal aesthetic preferences may play a role in determining which option is better suited for your specific needs. It's advisable to consult with experienced deck and patio contractors to understand the pros and cons of each option and make an informed decision.

What adds more value a deck or patio?

Both decks and patios can add value to a home, but the extent of the value increase may differ depending on several factors, including the quality of the construction, materials used, and the local real estate market.

  • Decks tend to add more value in certain situations:
    • When built with high-quality, low-maintenance materials like composite or cedar
    • When designed to maximize outdoor living space and integrate with the home's architecture
    • In areas with a high demand for outdoor living spaces and pleasant climates
  • Patios may add more value in other situations:
    • When constructed with premium materials like natural stone or pavers
    • When integrated with landscaping and outdoor features like fire pits or outdoor kitchens
    • In areas where outdoor entertaining and low-maintenance spaces are highly valued
According to some estimates, both decks and patios can recover between 50% to 80% of their construction costs in increased home value, depending on the specific features and market conditions. Ultimately, well-designed and constructed outdoor living spaces that enhance a home's functionality and aesthetic appeal can contribute to a higher resale value.

How much should you spend on a patio?

The amount you should spend on a patio can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the size of the patio, the materials you choose, and the complexity of the design. However, here are some general guidelines to help you budget for a patio project:

  • Basic concrete patio: $8 to $15 per square foot
  • Paver patio: $10 to $25 per square foot
  • Natural stone patio: $15 to $30 per square foot
  • Additional features (built-in seating, fire pits, outdoor kitchens): $5,000 to $20,000 or more
For example, a 20x20 foot (400 square foot) paver patio with basic features might cost around $10,000 to $15,000 on average. However, it's essential to factor in your specific location, design preferences, and any additional landscaping or hardscaping requirements, as these can significantly impact the overall cost. When setting a budget, it's advisable to allocate around 10% to 20% extra for unexpected expenses or upgrades. Additionally, consider the long-term value and enjoyment the patio will provide, as a well-designed and constructed outdoor living space can not only enhance your lifestyle but also potentially increase your home's resale value.

How much is a 12x12 patio?

The cost of a 12x12 foot (144 square foot) patio can range from $1,500 to $6,000 or more, depending on the materials and design you choose. Here's a general breakdown of the costs for a 12x12 patio:

  • Concrete patio: $1,500 to $2,500
  • Paver patio: $2,000 to $4,000
  • Natural stone patio: $3,000 to $6,000
These costs are rough estimates and can fluctuate based on several factors, including:
  • Your geographic location and local labor costs
  • Site preparation and grading requirements
  • Additional features like built-in seating, lighting, or landscaping
  • Any necessary permits or inspections
It's important to note that a 12x12 foot patio may be on the smaller side for outdoor living and entertaining, so you might want to consider a larger size or plan for future expansions if your budget allows. Working with experienced patio contractors may assist you determine the appropriate size, materials, and design elements to suit your needs and budget.

What is an inexpensive way to patio?

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to create a patio or outdoor living space, there are several cost-effective options to consider:

  • Paver patio: Using interlocking pavers may be a more affordable option compared to natural stone or poured concrete. Pavers come in a variety of styles and colors, and you can install them yourself to save on labor costs.
  • Gravel patio: A simple gravel patio may provide a low-cost and low-maintenance outdoor space. Choose a weed barrier fabric and decorative gravel or pebbles for a rustic, natural look.
  • Poured concrete: While not the most aesthetically pleasing option, a basic poured concrete slab may be one of the most inexpensive ways to create a patio, especially if you do the labor yourself or hire a local concrete contractor.
  • Recycled materials: Consider using recycled or repurposed materials like bricks, pavers, or flagstones from other construction projects or salvage yards to create a unique and cost-effective patio.
Additionally, maintain the size of the patio modest, and choose DIY installation or work with local patio contractors to minimize labor costs. With some creativity and elbow grease, you may build a functional and attractive patio without breaking the bank.

Is a 12x12 patio big enough?

Whether a 12x12 foot (144 square foot) patio is big enough is contingent upon your specific needs and intended use for the outdoor space. While a 12x12 patio can provide a functional area for a small seating arrangement or dining set, it may be considered too small for larger gatherings or more extensive outdoor living setups.

  • For a small family or couple: A 12x12 patio may be sufficient for a cozy seating area or a small dining table.
  • For larger families or frequent entertaining: A 12x12 patio may feel cramped and limiting, especially if you plan to incorporate features like an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or ample seating.
When determining the appropriate size for your patio, consider factors such as the number of people you anticipate using the space, the types of outdoor furniture and features you want to include, and the overall layout and flow of your outdoor living area. Many experts recommend a minimum of 16x20 feet (320 square feet) or larger for a more comfortable and functional patio space. If your budget or space is limited, a 12x12 patio may be a starting point, with the option to expand or add additional outdoor living areas in the future as your needs and budget allow.

How far should a patio be from the house?

The ideal distance between a patio and a house may differ depending on several factors, but generally, a range of 8 to 20 feet is considered optimal for most residential settings.

  • Minimum distance: Most experts recommend a minimum distance of 8 to 10 feet between the patio and the house to allow for proper drainage, maintenance access, and to prevent moisture issues.
  • Maximum distance: A maximum distance of around 20 feet is often suggested to maintain a comfortable connection between the indoor and outdoor living spaces, while still providing ample room for seating, dining, or other outdoor features.
Other factors that can impact the ideal distance include:
  • The size and layout of your yard or outdoor space
  • The presence of trees, slopes, or other landscaping features
  • The desired privacy or views from the patio
  • Local building codes or zoning regulations
It's generally recommended to consult with experienced patio contractors or landscape designers to determine the optimal distance and layout for your specific property and needs. They can provide valuable insights and ensure your patio is positioned in a way that maximizes functionality, aesthetics, and overall outdoor living experience.

Where to find good deck and patio contractors?

Finding reliable and skilled deck and patio contractors is crucial for a successful outdoor living project. Here are some recommended sources to help you locate reputable professionals:

  • Our online marketplace connects homeowners with vetted and highly-rated deck and patio contractors in their local area, making it easy to research, compare, and hire the best professionals for your project.
  • Referrals from friends, family, or neighbors who have recently completed a deck or patio project.
  • Online directories and review sites like Google, Yelp, or Angie's List, where you can read customer reviews and ratings.
  • Local home improvement stores or outdoor living showrooms, which often have lists of recommended contractors.
  • Professional organizations like the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) or the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA).
When evaluating potential contractors, it's essential to verify their licenses, insurance, and references. Additionally, obtain detailed written estimates, review their portfolio of previous work, and ensure they have experience with projects similar in scope to your deck or patio project. By doing your due diligence, you will improve your chances of finding a reliable and skilled professional to bring your dream outdoor living space to life.

What are the best deck and patio contractors near me?

Finding the best deck and patio contractors near you is often a challenging task, as quality and reputation can vary significantly among professionals in your area. However, here are some tips to help you locate top-rated contractors for your outdoor living project:

  1. Visit and enter your zip code to browse highly-rated deck and patio contractors in your area, complete with customer reviews, portfolios, and detailed information to help you make an informed decision.
  2. Ask for recommendations from friends, family, or neighbors who have recently completed a deck or patio project and were satisfied with the work.
  3. Check online review platforms like Google, Yelp, or Angie's List to read customer feedback and ratings for contractors near you.
  4. Contact local home improvement stores or outdoor living showrooms, as they often maintain lists of recommended professionals.
  5. Verify that potential contractors are licensed, insured, and have experience with projects similar in scope to your deck or patio project.
By thoroughly researching and vetting potential contractors, you will improve your chances of finding a reliable, skilled, and reputable professional to bring your dream outdoor living space to life while minimizing stress and ensuring a successful project.

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